Great Basin Water Network

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Who We Are

   The Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) was formed to protect the water resources of the Great Basin for residents, animal and plants. The Network promotes effective water conservation programs including economic incentives for water smart-practices as opposed to multi-million dollar projects that would burden urban taxpayers while leaving rural communities in jeopardy. As more people populate the Great Basin, water providers are expanding use of ground and surface water resources. This has created a climate for water exploitation threatening the balance between the human and natural environment.

   Over appropriation of water resources will jeopardize the future of our Native and rural communities and force urban taxpayers to foot the bill for ill-conceived pipeline and surface water diversions. As well, such expanded water developments will cause permanent damage to fragile watersheds causing impacts on wildlife habitat and the Special Places of the Great Basin.

We DO NEED YOU so stay informed by joining the Great Basin Water Network -- you can stay abreast of all the Great Basin water issues and help us create an effective network of change and protection.